Trends In Website Development

Trends In Website Development

The last decade has been pretty much the same in web development. No matter how many sites you would open, the experience would remain the same. With a little diversity in pictures, colours, typography, and illustration, the look of the website remained more or less the same. If you remember, the old design had a menu bar across the top or down the side. Eventually with time, the web world started to witness changes and modifications that bewitched the visitors. Web designers and UI specialists acted as layout artists an experimented a lot of designs. Each year a new design and a new trend has emerged that has compelled the users to visit the webpages time and again. There are many elements that have been tried and tested. Let us see a few such trends:

Split screens

The two fold screen features a vertical divide that splits the layout into two. Now the question is who uses such screen layouts? The corporates or organizations that have to promote two purposes or things employ such layout. They split the screen in two halves and promote both the businesses. There are many businesses who just promote a single idea or theme; they also employ the split screen concept. The difference is that they use one half of screen to promote idea and the other half to represent images that support the content. They may also promote the brand image by just putting it at one side. Various Pizza sites employ split screen to represent the images of pizza at one side and the description of the pizza at the other side.

Block grids

In this layout or web page design the screen is divided into several blocks. The blocks may be symmetrical or even asymmetrical. The companies use symmetrical blocks if the elements or ideas that are represented are of equal importance. The asymmetric blocks are used when the weight of one idea is more than the other ideas. Thus based upon the relevance of ideas, the designer places them on the screen with the help of blocks. With such layouts the visitor can easily judge what element is the most relevant. Web pages of shopping carts often use this screen design.

No chrome

Chrome refers to a website where the page design is related to everything that is present in a page such as footers, headers, borders and containers. Designers feel that chrome merely distracts the viewers. The man aim of creating a web page gets nullified if there is chrome. Thus, nowadays the designers believe in creating clean pages without any containers. The links or menus are places in the free space and not in the containers.

Single screen layout

Just like a television screen or s desktop screen, this screen has all the elements featured in the same screen. The idea is to offer utter clarity. The main focus is to offer every bit of information in a single screen. The effect that is given is very stunning. There is no distraction.

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