Important Things to Consider While Purchasing a Men’s Wallet

Important Things to Consider While Purchasing a Men’s Wallet

Recently, I came across a saying while flipping the pages of a magazine on a chill morning. The saying goes like this, “One can understand a person by the way he removes his wallet and puts his hand to take out money.” Sounds great isn’t it?

Yes, just like shoes that speak oodles about a man’s personality, men’s leather wallets too play an essential role in defining his look and personality. Whether it is filled or empty, a quick look on billfold is all you need to judge a man’s personality.

If you are holding the same wallet since eighth grade, it’s time to throw it away. Your wallet needs to be a little more mature, functional and presentable.

What Your Wallet Needs to Be More Functional?

Are you guilty of carrying a wallet that is stuffed to the brim and waiting to explode anytime? Then, you should consider going through your wallet and strip it down to its bare essentials. Here we have compiled a few tips to streamline your wallet and determine what things should stay and what should go.

Items That Should Stay


Even though plastic money dominates this digital world, cold hard cash is still widely accepted. It is considered to be the quickest and convenient way to pay for quick services and tips.

Identity Card

Keep a photocopy of driver’s license or state identification card in your wallet always for the identification purpose in case your wallet is lost.

Credit Card

This is where most of the men go wrong by stuffing their wallet with 7 to 8 cards. Carry just one to two credit or debit cards always with you and take fuel or master cards only when you require.

Business Cards

Have your business cards with you always because people want to connect. Even if you don’t have business cards, get a set of calling cards mentioning your name, phone number, and e-mail.

Items that Should Go Out of Your Wallet

- Discount, club membership, library, and medical cards
- Social Security Card
- Coins
- Receipts

Keep scanned copies of the above mentioned items and file on a secure cloud-based service to enable access from anywhere.

Make Your Wallets More Presentable

Not all wallets are created equal, so one should buy wallets that suit his particular needs and requirements.

Billfolds: These simple yet timeless wallets are acceptable in just about any social or business setting and hold the daily essentials year after year.

Sport Wallets: Sport wallets come in brighter colors and straps to secure things in place. These water resistant wallets can be reserved for times when functionality is a requirement.

Super Slim Wallets: These simple and slim wallets are the perfect fit for people who can’t seem to keep their traditional billfolds slim.

Travel Wallets: Travel wallets are built to house tickets and international passports, and are not practical for daily use.

Now, with all these essential information in your hand, pull up your socks and get ready to purchase men’s wallets leather that meets your lifestyle demands.

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