Cloud Based Phone System - an Affordable Solution for Small Businesses

Cloud Based Phone System - an Affordable Solution for Small Businesses

Communication is a key factor contributing to business development. An efficient system can help your business grew, expand its reach and contact more potential costumers. It can also improve company's overall impression left on costumers that are looking for means to contact your company. Traditional systems require buying Infrastructure, hardware, software and hiring an on site IT support. An average system installation costs and maintanance can reach tens of thousend of dollars. What can a small business with big plans and a tiny budget do to overcome this challenge? There are some quality cloud based alternatives on the market, that can provide your company with the same features as the traditional system, but for a much more affordable price range. In order to better understand how a business can benefit from using a cloud based phone system, it's important to gain a better idea of what this system is and what to look for when contacting providers.


Cloud based phone system is a VoIP (voice over IP) telephone platform that is hosted by a third party provider. The service is delivered through the internet, and therfore requires a constant connection in order to work. The application sits on the cloud and the subscriber can use it for a monthly fee. A cloud phone system provides its users with an access to various applications that can be typically found in big organizations, such as call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendent, on hold music and more. Cloud phone system can also provide multiple virtual and toll free phone numbers, which in turn can help in creating the impression of a bigger multinational organization. There are 2 types of cloud based phone systems: Hosted PBX and Virtual PBX. Both are very similar in providing advanced features and applications, but they can differ in complexity and flexability.


PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that allows company to manage its incoming and outgoing calls.


Hosted PBX – is a cloud based phone system accessible via an IP network. The application is completely managed off site, which removes the need for an IT support team on-site. As the business grows, hosted PBX can provide it with up to 300 telephone lines, that can be set up immediately via an easy to use interface.


Virtual PBX – is a version of hosted VoIP that handles only inbound calls. This option is more suitable for businesses with 10 employees or less. Virtual PBX is very budget friendly and can work great for companies with a tiny budget.


Hosted and Virtual PBX have many similarities, but to get the best from the systems you should choose the platform that will work best with your business and its development rate. 

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